Soup Swapping 101


You all know how much we love soup.  As much as we could eat soup every day and for most of our meals, we understand that might not be the case for the greater community.  But, you don’t need to eat soup at every meal occasion to improve your health and make “souping” a lifestyle.  Souping is about incorporating soup into your life on a regular basis, even if swapped for just one meal or snack a day.  Enhancing your diet with wholesome, clean superfoods is a good thing, whether you do it as part of a cleanse or even for just one daily meal or snack.  Soups provide fiber and volume, hydration and a delivery system to provide your body foods which are typically easier to process than raw foods themselves.

So meal or snack?  Both make perfect sense.  Our 16 oz. bottles contain two servings.  For many, a bottle can serve as a satisfying meal, or one serving as a mid-day or anytime snack.

What is the Healthier Meal: Soup or a Sandwich? 

Provided you are eating a wholesome, non-cream based vegetable based soup, soup is generally the healthier choice for a meal.  For example, compare a vegetable based soup (16 oz/2 servings) with a tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread.

  • Calories:  sandwich (435) vs. soup (193)
  • Fat (grams):  sandwich (16) vs. soup (3)
  • Dietary fiber (grams):  sandwich (4-5) vs. soup (7-8)

By swapping out one sandwich per day for soup, over two weeks you save 184 grams of fat.  This equates to a nearly 3,400 calorie savings total, and more than half of those excess calories are derived from fat.  

A key role quality plant based soups play in swapping in for richer foods is that the volume and fiber provide a satiating feeling, and help you feel full longer.  And, it will be a better source of nutrient dense vegetables and fiber. Your body loves fiber. It feeds the good bacteria in your gut, helps balance your blood sugar, keeps cholesterol in check, aids good digestion, and moves all the junk out of the trunk, naturally pulling out toxins from your intestinal track and colon as it goes. But the average American consumes below the daily recommended minimum of 20 grams of fiber.  Consumer research from Health Focus International suggests that one of every four consumers in the U.S. is struggling to find the right foods that add fiber to their diets. The same research shows that one in 10 consumers still believe that fiber-enriched food does not taste good.

What is the Healthier Snack:  Soup or Chips? Soup Instead of a Cup of Coffee? 

We endorse snacking!  It is rare to find someone who only eats three meals a day. For most, snacking is key to tie you over until your next meal. That is why we recommend certain snacks as part of all of our cleanse programs. The best snacks are reasonably apportioned and consist of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. These snacks not only help you achieve your weight loss goals but also improve your overall health.  And, top of that snack list should be soup!  Also, if you are like us and snack at the computer, wouldn’t you rather snack on food that you tend to eat more slowly (especially if it is hot) than you would a crunchy, salty snack?  If eaten as a late afternoon snack, try a smaller amount of soup (8 ounces) and it will sustain you longer than that handful of chips.  And, why not trade out that second or third cup of coffee during the day for a protein rich, extremely low calorie, nutrient dense bone broth?  Not only is it the hands down healthier choice, it can also better satisfy any late in the day desire for comfort and savory foods.

Whether souping through a cleanse or by making soup a regular meal or snack, it all leads to a diet rich in whole foods, proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates, disease-fighting phytonutrients and loads of fiber, all of which are crucial to optimal health.



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