3 Things We Love in the Fall


Hello Soupers!

It probably comes as no surprise that Soupure loves the fall.  It is, after all, what most people think of as prime soup season!  But, fall has a special place in our heart for other reasons. Here are just 3 of them:

  1. We love exercising in that cool, refreshing air during the fall. Weather permitting, walking, hiking and running outdoors during the fall requires little more than the appropriate shoes and provides a whole cadre of health benefits. In addition to burning calories, running in that cold crisp air increases your blood flow and keeps your heart and lungs healthy. Besides helping keep off that “holiday 5”, exercise helps clear the mind and prevent anxiety and tension, often more prevalent during the holidays. We release endorphins, the “feel good” hormone when we exercise. And, if a good mood is not enough, consider the fact that when our bodies are moving, we are increasing our circulation, helping to strengthen our immune systems, making it easier to avoid getting the flu.
  2. Let’s not forget to take time to recharge.  We love wrapping ourselves in a warm soft blanket or sweater on an overcast day. There is something about comfy sweat pants or leggings or layering a cotton jersey under a light sweater or vest that feels cozy and welcoming.  Add to that, sitting in front of a crackling fire (with a cup of hot tea or bowl of soup, of course) wrapped in a cozy blanket, and it’s like a warm, long, comforting embrace from an old friend who has finally returned to town!
  3. We love fall foods. Besides all the wonderful soups to enjoy (be sure not to miss our SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS special promotion), fall is all about comfort foods, and we especially love those that can be baked! But, they don’t have to be high fat, high starch or sugar foods to feel luxurious and taste yummy. Here is a great fall recipe free of grain, gluten and sugar but still as comforting as it is hearty and delicious.

The recipe starts with a fantastic Pumpkin Bread recipe from AgainstAllGrain.com.  We added to the recipe 3/4 cup of fresh cranberries, ¼ cup of chopped dates, ¼ cup of chopped walnuts, and used finely chopped fresh pumpkin roasted on a sheet tray in place of the canned pumpkin.  Other options are to add 1/3 cup of pureed ripe banana (if you add pureed banana add and additional ¼ cup of either almond meal or coconut flour).  Another optional modification is to swap out the honey for maple syrup and/or agave (slightly less than ½ cup) plus a teaspoon of vanilla. We found that baking time was closer to 1:20 minutes and the bread had a beautiful crunchy crust and moist inside.  This high fiber bread is light but not airy, very filling and could easily be served as a desert or toasted along with a meal.



Now that’s something to bake about!


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